Sous Vide Thin Cut Ribeyes

I pulled these ribeye steaks out from my sous vide freezer collection. On my last Costco haul I bought a pack of ribeye steaks and pork chops, seasoned them, and vacuumed sealed them up individually for freezer storage. Now all I have to do is stick them into the sous vide bath when I am ready to eat them.

These ribeye steaks have been seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic powder, fresh rosemary and fresh thyme and are only a half inch thick. I put these in the sous vide at 132 degrees for 65 minutes to achieve a medium rare. (35 minutes if fresh)

Once the sous vide timer goes off you just pat them dry with a paper towel and sear. Today, I will be searing these on the cast iron skillet using the garlic confit I made last night.

Sous Vide Thin Cut Ribeye Steaks


1/2 inch thick cut ribeye steaks



garlic powder

fresh thyme

fresh rosemary


1. Preheat sous vide bath to 132 degrees and set for 35 minutes (fresh) or 65 minutes (frozen)

2. Season steaks to taste using the salt, pepper, garlic powder, fresh thyme, and fresh rosemary. (dried thyme and rosemary is ok too)

3. Vacuum seal steaks and then place into bath

4. Once the sous vide is finished take your steaks out of you vacuumed sealed bags and pat dry with a paper towel.

5. Sear on a cast iron skillet using either oil, butter, or garlic confit

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