Sous Vide Pork Chop

One of the first things that I have ever cooked in my sous vide was a pork chop. I usually stay away from pork chops because they always come out dry when I cook them on the skillet, but this was the most tender, juiciest piece of pork I've ever had in my life. I can't wait to share this with you!

First you'll want to set your sous vide to start preheating because this does take awhile. Set your sous vide to 155 degrees for 1 hour and 30 minutes (fresh) or 2 hours (frozen). You can leave the meat in the bath for up to 4 hours. The sous vide timer won't start the count down until it has reached your desired heat.

Season pork chops with salt, pepper, garlic powder, fresh thyme, and sage.

I vacuumed sealed these individually to store in the freezer since I am just one person and there is no way I can eat this many pork chops in one sitting. If you are making multiple pieces you can vacuum seal them all together but spaced out flat. Now place the pork in the bath and you can just walk away to do whatever you want.

Once it is finished, cut open the package and drain the juices. Then pat off the excess liquid using a paper towel. It is very important to do this step before searing. After your ugly chops are all patted dry it's time to give them a makeover and give them a pretty sear. You can actually do this one of two ways. Either sear them in the pan or you can broil them. Today I have decided to give them a broil. I sprayed Chosen Food's Avocado Oil Spray and stuck them in the broiler on high for 3 minutes on each side.


Sous Vide Pork Chops


Pork chops



Garlic powder

Fresh thyme

Fresh rosemary


1. Set sous vide to 155 degrees for 1.5hrs (fresh) or 2hrs (frozen).

2. Season pork chops to taste and vacuum seal

3. Place pork chops into the sous vide bath and let cook

4. Pat dry and finish with a sear.

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