Sous Vide Hainan Chicken Thighs

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

I'm not really sure if I can call this Hainan Chicken, but that is where the inspiration came from. Traditionally, you'd make Hainan chicken by poaching a whole chicken in water with ginger and green onion, then cooling it down fast to leave you with a crisp skin. I have always just used chicken thighs rather than the whole chicken because lets be honest, the thighs are the best part! But if you insist on doing a whole chicken using my sous vide method, I'd suggest splitting it in half to make sure it has been cooked the whole way through.

Cooking the chicken in the sous vide is more flavorful than the poaching method. If you are looking for a more traditional version of Hainan chicken, I do not suggest cooking it in the sous vide. I like to think of my Hainan chicken as a more tasty contemporary version of the dish that is probably more suitable for the western pallet.

Sous Vide Hainan Chicken


4 chicken thighs

3 green onion

2 cloves garlic

1 inch knob ginger


1. Preheat sous vide to 167 degrees for 2 hours

2. Debone and trim skin on the chicken thighs

3. Vacuum seal thighs with the green onion, garlic, and ginger

4.After a minimum of 2 hours in the bath take out thighs and pat dry.

5. Cut and enjoy! Best served with dipping sauce

Dipping Sauce

2 stalks green onion

2 clove garlic

1 teaspoon ginger grated or minced

1 teaspoons salt

1 tablespoon Xiaoshing wine

3 tablespoons avocado oil

1. Mince green onion, garlic, and ginger.

2. Heat sauce pan with avocado oil and story fry garlic and ginger until golden with the salt

3. When the garlic and ginger are nice and golden, turn off flame and add in xiaoshing wine

4. Place minced green onion in serving bowl, and pour your oil over

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